What about Draynor Village? Well, it's centrally located. There is a nice small farmer's market at the end of a side road there. Port Sarim is RS gold only a couple of steps away whenever you get the travel impulse. When there's a vampire, he rarely if ever ventures outside his haunted mansion. There really isn't any extreme danger (understanding that Runescape is, itself, dangerous) in the area, unless you go searching for it. So I vote for Draynor Village. Looking at the map, RS is huge! There is just too many small towns and cities to mention, so"sorry" if I did not mention your fav... Even some POHs rival some little towns in size and features... Open-ended question, here... What say you?

Jagex includes a new beta event because of the mad scientist costume and it is Barrows this moment. Too bad to the skillers and low levels because it is practically impossible for them to get the final part... However, for the moderate levels it should be a piece of cake, right? And completely failed at Ahrim, which should be quite simple but I simply could not hit the man at all (the only hits were out of my own deflect prayer, I believe ).

One of the best things Jagex could do is to eliminate the majority of the teleports in the game, or create them quite somewhat more difficult to use beyond basic hub teleportation. Second, it might do well to significantly increase the size of nearly everything. The more wild lands there can be, the further we'd feel immersed in the fantasy world where we're the adventurers who travel from the peak of civilisation to the interiors of badlands.

Inevitably, using a correctly large draw space the size of this map will probably be evident. A few key changes jagex could make to alleviate this: Reshape mountain ranges. Making them feel more realistic and making rivers and so on flow nicely from them would be massive in making the map more credible. Make the forests enormous. Really, much bigger. Including swamps etc.. Making them bigger the further from civilisation we go would make those areas feel much more wild.

Add more danger to the interior of those woods. Most of the map reflects a world that makes sense to get a mid to low level participant, to whom dragon are an unusual material to see and Barrows armour extremely infrequent. The most dangerous areas just aren't hazardous. Literally adding boss monsters to the centers of these forests would massively increase their danger. However, that is only possible if these areas are large enough which you could go about them if you understand where you're. Make the in-game world map more precise. If you could make it so that players needed to research every area before it had been completely documented in the buy rs gold paypal map which would make a large difference to the adventuring feel. New lands would really be alien.