Archaeology does not OSRS GP require any high expertise. It is a skill that everyone can play as soon as it drops and we're able to reveal that Archaeology will be going up to 120 by the time it launches. As you can see from what we've talked about, we have spent a large amount of time, affection, sweaty buttocks and dirty mattocks in packing this ability to the rafters. We're confident that there is enough players to make it all the way to 120. More stuff will be added in the coming year. You should note that bonus XP and lamps are not accessible until six months after the launch.

We wanted to do something different with the skill to eliminate any obstacles to learning it. We'll be increasing the skill cap for free-to-play to 20 upon the day one of the launch, giving everyone the Kharid-Et dig site to play around in. If this is accepted (and the findings of our annual surveys seem to suggest it would), we will roll this out to all skills and test any other skill milestones.

We also offer the Archaeology Elite Skilling Outfit, available upon release of the skill. This is entirely gained from Archaeology and will use something other than the fragment system that you are familiar with. It's not simple to get it. It's so mysterious!

Here's the exciting part - the day of release. You can see the progress made. You'll be playing Archaeology and all five of its dig locations, ancient inventions, ancient summoning and relics, starting Jan 2020.

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