Amazon's fantasy MMO New World had a difficult start because it struggled with bugs, robots and New World Gold vulnerabilities. The situation has stabilized, or at least not as bad as it used to be, and although the number of players is far below the level at the time of launch, it is still worthy of respect. There are currently more than 104,000 people playing it on Steam, although it is still affected by mixed user ratings.

In an interview with PCGamesN, New World game director Scot Lane said that live games are the studio's top priority, and when there are issues that affect players, it will get our full attention. But this did not hinder the development of new content too much, he explained, because they are different jobs. In addition, players who want to upgrade quickly must continue to earn New World Gold in the game.

Amazon said that the first task at this stage is to ensure that New World is the best experience, rather than launching new content, so Amazon has increased testing resources and launched a public testing server. At the same time, the developers are also working hard to improve the endgame activities in New World, and new early and mid-term game content for single players is also under development.

Scot Lane hinted at other future possibilities, such as expanding the size of the game world, allowing more than one account per server, and launching new New World Gold. The Scot Lane developers also recently launched a new seasonal event at PTR, Winter Convergence. It is expected to be online soon. 

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