Participating in Republic Day Parade is the best Opportunity one could have, and how about receiving a great trophy at The Republic Day Parade ?Among thunderous applause, non-stop claps, loud cheers and bursting hoots. Yeah! It sure is a great feeling. But what makes it better is to have a trophy designed and Crafted from of Delhi, an established awards, trophies and customized gifts manufacturer known for their unique designs, timeless craftsmanship and everlasting appeal.

So what is so special about these trophies that makes them larger than the occasion, and makes the memories strong with the feeling of immense pride.

It’s the way it reaches out to the winners - being through an intensive journey starting with the designs at the studios of , to finally be presented by The Hon. then Defence Minister Of India , Ms. Nirmala Sitharaman for the best tableau in Republic Day Parade 2018.  Each trophy goes through the process of ideation to conceptualization, from dimensions to designing, from forging to assembly, from repeat inspections to packing and finally from dispatching to delivering it had travelled through an interesting process and had exchanged more than fifty hands.

But, why from ‘’?

Every creation of  ‘’ brings with it -  the legacy of 4 decades and counting with endless cherished moments they have created for all the trophies' recipients.The artisans have strived to make every occasion special and the moments grand by putting in the most intricate of designs in every piece that the make. From thorough Quality checks to making last minute custom changes as per the customers' requirements, it has  no doubt been a challenging journey to deliver trophies within timelines, for every award function. But ‘’ has been successfully delivering such results forever now, and has withstood the test of time repeatedly and consistently.

Their trophies are designed to be unique and distinct while remaining in line with the theme and the occasion they are intended for. With every new trophy, they aspire craft something better, to deliver different and to bring something unique to the Stage. It takes their heart and soul in bringing your dreams, assembling your ideas, shaping your innovations, designing your theme and delivering you, your masterpiece. After all, it’s experience, expertise, imaginations, skill set and passion all put together that deliver such results, that they have learnt while steering through for the last forty years with sweat and perspiration.

Who are they?

‘’ are leading designers, manufacturers and exporters of a wide array/ assorted collection of awards, trophies, Medals, Lapel Pins and customized gifts. They are an established name and a renowned manufacturer known for their unique concepts and exceptional skills in creating designer trophies and awards. Their team delivers the best workmanship:  no matter howsoever critical the time lines are and howsoever complex the expectations are.

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What makes them stand apart?

Their trophies are customisable with innovative ideas, intriguing designs, unmatched style and the best punch line to make them an object to decor and a piece to remember. After manufacturing for thousands of occasions and decades of deliverance they are being trusted for their timely deliveries, quality products, precise cuts, aesthetic looks and fitting grandeur to make them rise to the occasion and create the difference. They stand apart from their counterparts in all their endeavors from booking the orders to executing the deliveries.

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