Every university student in Singapore should be aware of making a perfect cover sheet for an assignment and its importance. Cover sheet is the form of paper that a university student use while completing an assignment. Cover page consists of the metadata of the assignments. Meta data includes students name course number etc. It also contains different information according to your course requirement.

 The role of all these data is to handle the assignments effectively. There might be standard format of the cover sheet as per your university guidelines. The cover sheets are usually made in the form of computer files so that it can be easily downloaded, personalised or printed.

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The importance of cover sheet in an assignment:

All of you might have listened that first impression is the last impression. In any assignment, the cover sheet is the first thing that a professor come into contact with. In the absence of not preparing a cover sheet properly, the professor might get the impression that you are not serious with the assignment. It might not formatted properly or have inadequate information which can make a bad impression to the professor. It can also have negative impacts on the marks.

Moreover if the cover page of your assignment is arranged well by covering all the relevant information such as:

  • Name of student
  • Title of assignment
  • Details of subject
  • Date of submission
  • Due date

It helps to make a good impression to your professor.

Do’s and don’ts of a cover sheet in an assignment:

There are certain do’s and don’ts of a cover sheet while writing an assignment:


  • Save in PDF format
  • Be scrupulous in taking the time to cautiously research and adapt different cover letters
  • Proofread thoroughly before submitting
  • Address your letter to a named individual
  • Re-look at the document. Does it flow? Is it engaging?
  • Limit your letter to one page
  • Break is essential after writing.
  • Make use of transitional words and phrases to make your ideas flow together more easily
  • Check your spelling and grammar using tools like Spell Check and Grammarly.


  • Use smileys and exclamation marks
  • Send a generic cover letter
  • Overuse the word “I”
  • Copy and paste information blatantly
  • Have grammatical errors
  • Use jargons, acronyms, and complicated sentence structures

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