The Square Bolt is generally embedded. If the equipment foundation has special requirements, it can also be embedded in the concrete beam by civil engineering professionals in order to penetrate square bolts. The size of the facing bushing should be such that the distance between the square bolt and the bushing is at least 10mm, so that the bolt position, sand filling and compaction can be adjusted when the equipment is installed. Usually this way the bolt is long, the cushioning performance is good, and the bolt can be replaced. The disadvantage is the poor stability.

Square bolt manufacturers introduce the method of embedding square bolts in concrete

That is, the secondary grouting and embedding method of pre-buried and reserved holes. The square bolts are directly embedded in the foundation and are suitable for: towers, tall vessels, spherical tanks, and mechanical equipment with large vibrations. They are directly buried during construction. For square bolts, the size of the center line of the square bolt from the foundation side is a≥100mm. If it is not satisfied, civil engineering experts must be requested to reinforce the foundation reinforcement.

Square bolt manufacturer introductionReserved square bolt hole

(2) Put square bolts into it and fix it by grouting. This method is suitable for horizontal containers, heat exchangers, small vertical containers, etc., standing equipment and machines with less vibration, pumps, etc. Its feature is that it is easy to adjust the positioning size of the square bolt, and no positioning template is needed. The size standards of the reserved holes must meet the requirements of civil construction and equipment installation.

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