The Manual Seeder is a seed material that is operated on the field. After the clarity reaches 90% or more, it is further processed toward higher commercialization. Among them, the removal of various impurities in seed materials is the first step in the commercialization of seed processing.

   People hope that the higher the purity of the seed, the better, but the higher the difficulty, the greater the difficulty, as if to extract pure gold, only 99%, not 100%. Recognizing and understanding this regularity is necessary for scientifically and rationally selecting manual seeders.

  1. Seed impurities, all kinds of strange, different nature

    According to the geometric size, there are big and small impurities; according to the length and short, there are long and short impurities; according to the weight, there are light and heavy impurities. Even if they are all light and heavy, there are still light weight, light density and relatively light. There are differences in color, which is called heterochromatic grains, and it is also a kind of seed impurity classification.

    The nature of impurities is different, and the method of removal is also different. Different methods of removal inevitably require machinery of different principles, which determines the diversity of manual seeders. To buy a Manual Fertilizer Seeder, to be practical, first of all figure out what the main impurities are and try to be targeted.